In a Barcelona enmeshed in the globalised collaborative economy, a shared flat is sponsored by a Russian and American multinational. In exchange for a paltry few material goods, the occupants display the brand in the privacy of their home on a collection of ordinary clothing.
The shared flat, both an expression of modern-day neoliberalism and a relic of Stalinist totalitarianism (the kommunalka), is a contract as flexible as it is constrictive.

artengo2000 presents a succession of genre movie scenes lubricated with microsociology and the psychoanalisis that imagines the meanderings of the protagonists through the dispositifs of sharing and their networks of friends connected by web platforms born in Silicon Valley.

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Episode 1 | The Dream



Episode 2 | The Nuisance

Episode 3 | The Danish Guest 

Episode 4 | The Wall


Episode 5 | The Shoowroom


When it rains it pours

When it rains it pours it’s a translation for an spanish quote. The project show a speech made up by fragments of public apologies requested by the political class and re-interpreted by a white and old man. It presents blaming accumulation and justifications elaborated from clichés, set phrases, commonplaces and indiference towards the political situation.

it was realized within the framework The ass between two chair collective seminar and exhibition organized by Escola Massana, Han Nefkens fundation and the collaboration of Galeria Angels Gallery.
Barcelona. 2016

Audiovisual records on loop and a postcard.
5’ / 3’ / 8’

If you have nothing better to do

If you have nothing better to do is made of 3 unconnected fragments recorder around the sunday market and the industrial textile state in Tordera. To fill and to vacate people from the factory, those 30 minuts of assembling and dismantling the stand of the coats, the excess of mandarins in the market and the lack of meaning of the shooting itself, are maybe the underlying ideas of the process and the final result of the project.

Installation composed by three videos for the grant Ciudad Subterranéa showed at Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona in 2016.
Audiovisual records on loop and a postcard.
5’ / 3’ / 8’